Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peer Pressure

So, I have had multiple friends and family (Misty) tell me that part of being married involves a blog. I was not aware that this came with the territory so please bare with me I am new to this whole "blogging society." I have also been warned that it will soon take over my life, so needless to say I am excited for this new addiction to begin. So, I went over to my sister Misty's house yesterday and told her I was ready for my passage into blogging so she walked me though the whole process and as you can see she already broke into my account and written a post before I could even get home to my computer. Ha ha I love it. In all honesty though, I am so glad that we live in a time that we can so this because I am horrible scrapbooker so hopefully this blog can serve as our new families make-shift scrapbook that everyone can enjoy.

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